7. A Shoe a Day – Weekend Round Up

So I didn’t get a chance to blog this weekend because this guy was in town >>

who got me these:

>>not to brag…but can anyone say best boyfriend ever? 🙂

Friday: Summer Go Tos

I wore these cream lace up wedges farrrr too much this summer. Part of the reason I created this blog was to get away from wearing them every day. They are probably the greatest pair of shoes I own. Super comfortable and go with almost anything, especially bright summer colors.

The other fabulous thing about these wedges is how inexpensive they were. Which makes it totally worth wearing them all the time. Cream lace up, peep toe wedges (Urban Outfitters -$5)

I wanted to make use of my summer outfits before it gets too cold so I paired the wedges with: pink sheer flower print blouse (Kohl’s – Mudd $20), boyfriend jeans (Hollister circa 2005, seriously embarrasing but I love them, $35), Tassel My Heart Gold Lace Hobo (Tuesday Morning – Betsey Johnson here for $44.99 originally $98)


White round face watch (Macy’s -similar style here for $95)

Round translucent stone ring with silver band (Crossroads Trading Co. – $8)

Diamond/white gold band (Grandma’s)


Then there was a little bit of this:

>>Friday night shot of the ladies! My two roommates to the right of me, Lindsy and Erin, who I’m sure you’ll see a lot of pictures of in this blog, and our lovely friend Taylor.

>>and this..with no full outfit to show (Saturday)

>>our fancy drinks at Chicago’s Signature Lounge at the 96th Floor of Hancock Tower. These drinks were amazing. Totally worth the fact that they’re $13.50 a pop, right? Not so much, BUT the view from up here is absolutely gorgeous and that is worth the experience!

>>and finally this amazing dinner Tyler and I made last night. Homemade Fried Chicken, corn on the cob, cornbread and fresh cut sweet potato fries. YUM!

I’ll be posting again with my Monday work day outfit. Just didn’t want to make this post extreeeemely long. So you’ll get two in one day from me 🙂

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday!




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