8. A Shoe a Day – Work Meetings

In continuation from my earlier post of the weekend round-up.

Here is my Monday work outfit:

We had a meeting at a jeweler downtown today, so wanted to step up the professionalism a bit since I’m usually much more business casual. I was probably more concerned about making sure I got to wear my new blouse today, than what shoes I’d wear, but I paired the top with matching nude platforms. I like to dress in classic styles, but with a bit of an edge or uniqueness added to it so this blouse is perfect.

These are probably the best pair of nude heels out there. They’re not too high so I can wear them to work, but high enough that I can still wear them when I dress up and not feel frumpy.

Nude platform pumps (Macy’s – G by Guess $50)

I am so excited for this new blouse I got this weekend! We went on a little shopping trip so I could use some Nordstrom gift cards from my birthday and graduation. Yay! Those are always good gifts.

I’ve also been trying to find an outfit that I actually like a top knot with, and I think  I finally found one. 🙂 (How to Get the Perfect Top Knot) Lush Stud Collar Shirt in ivory (Nordstrom – Lush here for $42) paired with a simple, black lightweight wool pencil skirt. (Banana Republic – here for $79.50) I added the matching suit jacket to the outfit for our meeting.

Obviously, kept accessories to a minimum to show off this gorgeously beaded collar.

Thanks for reading both posts today! Hope everyone had a fantastic start to their week.




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