10. A Shoe a Day – Summer Blues

I’ve made it to my 10th post today! That might not sound like much.. but this blog has been sitting empty for months before I finally knew what I wanted to focus my writing on. My 10th post shows I’m passionate about my fashion blogging to be able to stay consistent in writing. Some of you probably know, I get bored very easily if I’m not interested. I hope you guys enjoy and continue to keep reading. I’ll be around in the blogging world for a while 🙂

This is my outfit from yesterday. I didn’t have time to post yesterday, so you’ll be getting one from me later today as well. I love the mixed patterns with the skirt and shoe combo. Because there was so much going on in the skirt and shoes, I decided to stay neutral with my top.

These wedges are amazing! As you can see I love wedges, and you haven’t even seen my entire collection yet. They are definitely a Summer staple. These blue ombre strappy wedges add a fun dimension to any outfit, even if it’s just paired with all neutrals, and they were an absolute steal. (Kohl’s – LC Lauren Conrad $20) I am loving the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s! I cannot wait to go check out her new fall pieces in stores. (“Chic Peek” courtesy of LC’s blog here)

As I mentioned above, I love the mix in patterns between the skirt and shoes. The skirt is very fun and easy to wear to work or a day outside around the city. Abstract blue/orange pleated skirt (Kohl’s – Mudd $15) Similar pattern and material, but as a hi-low skirt here for $27.99. I guess when in doubt, assume my clothes are from Kohl’s. I’ve noticed in writing these posts that I have a lot from there, all courtesy of my mom’s fine shopping skills! It’s never good to mix more than two patterns, so I kept the top a solid with an essential black scoop neck tee. (Forever 21 – here for $5.80) If you’re interested in learning more about mixing prints here’s some tips How to Wear: Mixed Prints courtesy of LC.

Blue & Gold Accessories:

I am in love with this gorgeous light blue and gold vintage ring my boyfriend got me for my birthday. (Hollycraft circa 1954 – Vintage Bazaar Chicago $40)

These navy blue and gold geometric earrings were perfect to tie in the darker blues from the ombre wedges and skirt. (Pitaya – $8) Pitaya is probably the best spot in Chicago to find inexpensive but fashionable accessories. I swear I’ve never paid more than $10 for earrings or a necklace there. Their earrings are my favorite and they don’t fall apart like you’d expect them to, as some other inexpensive accessory retailers do.

Nail Polish: OPI- Hey! Get in Lime. here for $9.25

Thanks for reading!




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