16. A Shoe a Day – Green & Gold

I hope everyone has got some fun plans for the weekend. I know I do, my roommate and I are driving to Cincy to visit our boyfriends, who ironically also live together. Super adorable, I know. Apparently labor day is big in Cincinnati because there’s fireworks Sunday night, which I am beyond excited for. I didn’t get to see any fireworks Fourth of July because I was babysitting so I can’t wait!

I absolutely had to redeem myself from my outfit yesterday with this super cute outfit today. I actually had time to get ready this morning because I wasn’t scrambling trying to rip my room apart, so I was happy.

I adore this camo-green pleated and multi tier skirt. (Banana Republic – Heritage Collection $20) It’s so fun and light weight. When I started working at BR during college (over a year ago, yikes!) I thought it’d be good because I wouldn’t buy anything from there… yeah not so much. At least I got a great discount, right? Since the skirt already has a lot going on I paired it with my perfect white tank. (White House Black Market – here for $21.75)

I know you’ve already seen these sandals a couple times, but I’m driving five hours after work today so I have to be comfortable! They also look pretty perfect with this outfit. (Target – Women’s Merona Esma Sandal in Cognac here for $15.00) Also seen with my favorite chevron dress here.



Multi-layer brushed gold necklace. (Forever 21) Which I’m pretty sure is my BFF, Ariana’s, circa senior year of high school. Oops, sorry girl!


I always loved the Chan Luu bracelets at BR when I worked there, but never wanted to pay the outrageous price of $200 for one. So I found a better and cheaper one that I love just as much. (Francesca’s Collections – $20) See similar styles here.

I know I’ve already said it from my earlier post today, but I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Thanks for reading.




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