17. A Shoe a Day – Brown Booties

Is it Fall yet?

Because if you can’t tell, I am totally ready for it. I’ve gotten really bored with all my summer clothes so I’m beginning the transition. I feel after Labor day that is pretty acceptable even if it’s still really warm.

Speaking of Labor day….I got to see these awesome fireworks in Cincinnati this past weekend! They were ah-mazing. You can’t really tell what’s going on in the top picture, but for those that don’t know that’s the trademark waterfall of fireworks off the Purple People Bridge between Newport, KY and downtown Cincinnati.

We watched from the Kentucky side of the River so got this great shot of the skyline after. (Minus the wet man to Tyler’s left)

Labor Day Outfit:

White slouchy sweater (Macy’s – Calvin Klein Jeans) paired with my tangerine shorts (Target – Mossimo Fit 6 $17.99) and of course had to bring along my Betsey Johnson Tassle my Heart hobo handbag. (Tuesday Morning – Betsey Johnson $39.95)

Ok, back to this fabulous Fall outfit. I really wanted to wear my mustard colored skinnies that I got when I went on my Nordstrom trip. Can’t believe I waited this long, but it was worth it. They are the perfect color for Fall. (Nordstrom – Fire Skinny Jeans here for $42) I paired the skinnies with my chambray shirt. (Nordstrom –  Rubbish here for $49) Also seen in my post here.

As you can probably tell. My hair is much shorter. I cut about 5 inches off of it last night and still cannot get used to it, but it looks so much healthier!

Here is a picture of it actually styled. I didn’t really do anything with it this morning, but I love it when it is curled!

Alright, enough side tracking. These brown lace up booties are not only perfect for Fall, but also a great color match with the mustard skinnies. (Urban Outfitters – Divided $50) They are definitely an adjustment for me since I’m used to much higher heels, but they’re super cute especially for work.


This necklace is definitely one of my favorites because my mom picked out the charms for me and had it made as part of my birthday gift.

Three charm necklace created by Allie M. Designs.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Thanks for reading.




6 thoughts on “17. A Shoe a Day – Brown Booties

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