21. A Shoe a Day – Whimsical Floral & A Fashion Show

My roommate got tickets for the Anthropologie fall fashion show. I love the store so I was super excited! The show was really fun and so was shopping afterwards, of course. These pictures were some of my favorite looks from the night. I love all the tights! I think my favorite out of all was the black print pants with the knit sweater to the far right. Under the knit was a collared blouse and a statement necklace. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

A close up of my favorite outfit mentioned above so you can see the details.

This was another close contender for my favorite outfit of the night. I love these winter white wool shorts and the printed tights are stunning!

There were fabulous desserts from Cream & Flutter located in Champaign, IL. The macaroons and “fashion sugar cookies” were the best and everything was decorated so cute.

Since I was attending a fashion show at Anthropologie I needed to look the part. I think this whimsical floral skirt matches perfectly with the store’s style, if I were to describe it in Anthro terms.

These cut out oxfords are an all around great shoe. The oxford style will never go out of fashion, but the cut out adds a nice twist to a classic style. I also love the snake skin-esque print on them. I think it adds a really fun texture to the shoe to mix with the printed skirt. (Forever 21 – $20)

This skirt is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. The floral pattern and pleating give it a super feminine and dressy touch, which is totally me. I love it! (Thrift Store – Frenchi) Here’s some similar styles and prints on Polyvore. I kept my top neutral to not distract from the skirt and shoes. (Aeropostale – here for $16.50) I feel like I need to defend the fact that I own something from Aero, but let me just say their camis fit nicely for my petite body shape.

My pink boyfriend cardigan ties in so well with the delicate touches of pink in the skirt so it was a definite must to wear together. (J. Crew – Classic Merino Long Cardigan here for $49.99)

This was a “not ready” picture, but it’s actually a pretty good shot of the cardigan so you can see the length.


It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on with this necklace, but it’s super cute and matches so well with this outfit. There are four charms on the necklace; a poodle, the Eiffel Tower, a light pink rose and a pearl. (Forever 21 – $4.80) I love all things Paris, which I’m sure many of you know if you’ve ever seen any of my apartments, so this necklace matches me well.

Thanks for reading everyone! Only one more day until the weekend that I know you’re all ready for 🙂




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