30. Fashion’s Night Out Italian Style

If you read yesterday, you know that I went to the Italian Expo last night. It was held at the River East Art Center, which was an awesome venue. I’d never been before but it was so gorgeous.

My gorgeous friend, Taylor, interns for the Italian Expo so of course I went to support her. The fact that there’s fashion involved made it that much better. 🙂

This pasta was so tasty! The meat sauce was so flavorful and reminded me of home. It was very similar to pasta sauce my dad used to make, homemade goodness! There was a lot of great food and appetizers to choose from, but I decided to stay traditional. Quartino provided the wine and food, but there was also complimentary Peroni. What’s an Italian event without Peroni?

I had the pleasure of meeting the chef behind the fantastic food, John Coletta, who was so so nice and I had a great time talking to. I haven’t been to Quartino yet, but I will definitely be going soon and can’t wait to try some more of his creations.

Now on to the fashion show! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the event was circus themed. It wasn’t just a regular fashion show, it was fun and interactive to go along with the theme. The models didn’t just methodically walk down the runway, there were characters and skits created within each walk. It was not what I was expecting as the outfits were more costume themed, but it was definitely entertaining and well done. The costumes were over the top and fantastic. You could feel the excitement throughout the crowd. Here’s some pictures to give you a glimpse of the show.

The circus ringmaster.

A love story.

As with any circus there was a gymnast. 

..then there was a duel between this girl and
the seemingly innocent girl with a super hot, super short dress under her jacket equipped with knives.

Silly string!

The lion tamer

Another love story. Adorable.

Lady Gaga?

The finale!

Here’s a top view of the show. There were a lot of people there, but not too crazy packed that you couldn’t move. Perfect.

This guy was adorable, so I had to get a picture with him. Even in my 4-inch heels, he was still way taller than me.

Then I saw him after so had to get another picture!

This woman was fabulous. Loved her outfit and the tights!

These costumes were absolutely fantastic. Everyone wanted a picture with these lovelies!

I had a lot of fun at the event and met so many great and interesting people. All the workers did such an amazing job putting the event together and coordinating the show.

Since my shoes are kind of the point of this whole blog, I had to include a close up picture of the shoes I wore last night. I love these ruffled orange ankle strap heels, they’re so cute and I didn’t mind being on my feet all night in them. They sort of matched the crazy circus theme from the event so I thought it was very fitting to wear them. (Charlotte Russe – $39.95) I paired them with skinny jeans and a ruffle front lace-y turtleneck top in black to keep everything else simple. (Skinnies – Bongo; Top – Forever 21)

For more pictures from the event check out my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures from the event.




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