32. Polka Dots & Flats

Mom is officially leaving from Chicago today and I’m definitely sad about it. But I guess now I can get back to my normal routine when it comes to my blog posts. I didn’t want to inundate you guys yesterday by adding yet another outfit to that post, so here’s my outfit from yesterday.


I’m all about not following the no white after labor day rule, as you can see. Also, note the Chicago skyline in the background! I took these from my the rooftop deck of my brother & sister-in-law’s new condo.

I am really loving this any pattern goes for skinny jeans trend. I have a thing for anything colored when it comes to pants, and these polka dot skinnies are absolutely adorable. They’re the perfect and classic way to add a bit of pattern to your outfit without going too over the top. (Target – Xhiliration $20) My blush flats were the perfect combination with these pants. The soft color kept the look light and feminine. (Kohl’s – LC Lauren Conrad here for $38.49)

>>For some more ways to incorporate polka dots in your outfit, check out Lauren Conrad’s Fall in Love With… Polka Dots post.

Since I wore this outfit to work, I paired it with a cream-colored blazer and white cami. (Urban Outfitters – similar here for $49.50) I stepped up from my usual Aeropostale camis and got some better fitting and more appropriate ones from Target. (here for $8)

To keep with the girliness of this outfit and to tie in the pink from my flats I added a hot pink belt. (Target – similar here for $12.50)

This one’s short and sweet for you guys! I’m looking to try a new work out after work today, so if I find a good one I’ll include that tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading!




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