42. Canvas Black Wedges

Black and white is such a chic combination and is a go-to that will always stay classy.

I bought this top a few weeks ago and finally found black skinny pants to match it, you’ll read below about my issues lately in finding some. I adore this top for its unique shape and black/white color contrast. I’m always up for a different take on popular styles. (Marshall’s – Mine $16.99) If you’re a New Girl fan, you may have noticed that Cece was wearing a top just like this on last night’s episode!

Fashion is all in the details. These gold and black buttons down the back of this sheer top are such an elegant touch.

I have been searching for black skinnies everywhere. I had the perfect pair that I had to get rid of since they started to fade from so much washing, so I’ve been on the hunt for months. I finally found these ones that are a great deep black color that match everything. (I hate when blacks don’t match in an outfit!) The only problem is they attract quite a bit of lint and I’m still contemplating the fit. I try not to be negative about anything on here, but the fit on the waist of these pants could definitely be way better. They go up far too high when I sit and it gets to be uncomfortable. Disregarding that issue everything else about them is perfect; the color, the leg width, the length. So I pretty much gave up on trying to get the absolute perfect pair, I caved and am keeping them. (Marshall’sJessica Simpson $24.99)

*I apologize for the blurriness, I didn’t notice it until my upload to the site

These shoes are perfect for work. I really hate always wearing flats, obviously, so it’s really important for me to have a go-to easy to wear wedge for the office. As I think it is for all women. These are great since they’re not too high and are super comfortable. The fact that they resemble the uber-cute Toms wedges is even better! (Urban Outfitters – Cooperative $5) Also seen in my post here.

I’m being pretty lazy with my hair lately, but the side braid is always a good option to change up from a boring pony tail.

Necklace: Large pearl on double chain. (Nordstrom)

I have been feeling so exhausted today. I think the fact that I got blood drawn AND did an hour of level 2 hot power yoga probably didn’t help that. I must say though, I have never felt better than I do after a detoxifying hot yoga workout at CorePower. Other than today with the blood draw, I’ve been feeling so energized and refreshed. If you guys didn’t see my previous post about getting a free week of classes – see the coupon here. Try it out for yourself and see how great you feel!

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys consider checking out CorePower.




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