47. Black Flats & Betsey Johnson

One of the best things about the weather getting cold is that you can add a scarf to any outfit and it completely changes the dynamic making it totally chic.

I love all the different elements and colors in this outfit. It’s completely random, but somehow works together. This flowy and oversized grey cardigan is absolutely adorable and so different from the shape of a plain cardigan. (Macy’s – Bar III $15) Since there are so many components to the outfit I kept them all neutral. I paired my new favorite black tank with the sweater. (Jockey – here for $28) It’s so soft and comfortable, what’s even better is that it’s a looser lightweight fit. I got mine as a gift from the Jockey/Rachel Zoe event and so happy it was included.

The detail on the pocket of these pants is my favorite part. It’s simple, but still unique. (Buckle – Silver similar here for $92)

These flats are fleece lined, which is amazing for the cold weather. It makes it much more bearable to wear them during fall/winter.  (Kmart – Route 66 here for $9.99)


This is probably my favorite part of the outfit! I don’t typically buy myself handbags. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I bought one for myself. So when I found this bordeaux patent leather Betsey Johnson bag I just had to have it. (Marshall’s – Betsey Johnson $39.99)

I love that the stitching is in heart shapes. It adds that unique Betsey flair. Even my boyfriend knows that if it’s Betsey Johnson, I’m most likely going to buy it, especially for only $40!

My beige scarf was actually a free gift from a magazine subscription. Surprising that it’s actually cute and wearable. See some simple beige scarves at Target here. What’s more perfect than leaf earrings as a fall accessory? These orange and bronze earrings are one of my recent favorites. (Thrift Store – $2)

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