49. Grey & White Watercolor Sweater with Loafers

Today was another lazy day outfit with this comfy sweater, but the black skinnies and loafers make this outfit super pulled together and classic.

I love that this sweater is warm and cozy without being too oversized which can sometimes look sloppy for work. (Macy’s – Grane) Paired with my black skinnies makes the top even more work appropriate and tre chic. (Marshall’s – Jessica Simpson $24.99; also seen in my post here)

*Don’t mind the messy hair, had to have my roommate snap this in one try real quick before rushing off to work!

Here’s a closer shot of the detailing in the sweater. I call it a watercolor sweater for obvious reasons since the soft interweaving of the grey and white give a watercolor like texture. Maybe it’s just me that sees it, but I love it nonetheless.

My grey herringbone loafers match all too perfectly with this top. The texture in the shoes has the same feel as the shirt, but slightly different and I love the purple piping to add a pop of color. (Gap – similar colors here for $39.95; also seen in my post here)

I have some really nice pieces of jewelry in my collection that have been passed down through my family, which I love. This necklace being one of my favorites. It’s so glitzy and classy. It was one of my grandmother’s so that makes it even more special. Paired with this necklace I have my simple silver ball studs. (Pitaya – $3)

Tonight I am Melanie’s plus one to this awesome Jose Cuervo event at Gallery 1080 with the unveiling of 10 city murals. (The Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Unveiling) I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it tomorrow!

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