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50. Artsy Events

Last night, Melanie and I attended The Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Unveiling which was put together by the National Association of Latino Art & Culture. Let me just say, it was fantastic and very well put together. The drinks and food were great and the art was absolutely breathtaking. The event was at Gallery 1080 which was so gorgeous, all rustic hardwood floors and exposed brick walls. There was no need for any further decorations, especially once the art was unveiled!

The live entertainment was so energetic and fun. They were a great band, but I have no clue of their name. I think I missed their intro, unfortunately.

To give a little background on the event. There was a contest through Jose Cuervo Tradicional for Latino artists all around the nation to participate in creating their own mural representing their city and the tradition of Jose Cuervo. These 10 finalists are each from different cities some of which are California, Washington, New York, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. It was really cool to see everyone’s different perspective on the Latino culture and how it emanated through their artwork. You see all 10 artists in this picture on the Los Amigos de Jose Facebook.

This piece was one of my favorites. I couldn’t get a really good picture of it straight on, but the detail and different colors the artist used were seriously impeccable. You can almost feel texture with the way she painted, even though it was all flat surface. I love the old world feel you get from looking at this one.

This was another one of my favorites. Someone described it to me as a story starting on the left with traditional/old school Mexican culture transitioning in to new age and modern Mexican culture. I love the story behind it and the bright colors make all the details pop so much. The shading and facial details are just amazing here, I am truly impressed.

I love the different forefronts of this one and how there’s something different going on in every quadrant. The best part of this one is the excited facial expression on the upper right corner. You can literally feel the emotion coming off the canvas.

I cannot believe this was completely carved out. It’s such a unique landscape to create by doing this and the dynamics of the black and white with color pops are gorgeous.

This piece was different from the rest and much more toned down. I like the artist’s different approach on the project and love the muted colors she used.

To see all 10 murals and learn more about the contest, artists and NALAC culture check out the Los Amigos de Jose Facebook here.

Here was a create your own mural for all the attendees to create! Melanie and I both had our own pieces on there. I thought this was an awesome idea for everyone to interact and get involved with the project. Another really cool aspect was instead of a photo booth, they had a create your own flip book station. You’d stand in front of the camera for six seconds and move around, then you’d have your own flip book of pictures. It was such a unique way to change up from the traditional photo booth and really interactive for people to be creative in their own ways. I’m pretty sure everyone that attended made their own. It was super fun! I am pretty happy with how mine and Mel’s turned out.

I wore the same dress I wore to my L.A. event, but since it’s so much colder in Chicago I had to wear tights. I wore some solid black tights and changed up the heels by color blocking with some nude platform pumps. I liked the look since it pulled out the lighter tones in my dress. I also LOVED Melanie’s dress which she got from Esther Boutique it is so unique and classy. All in all I really enjoyed the event and so happy I had the opportunity to go.

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the event and learning about the Jose Cuervo Tradicional culture.

Which is your favorite piece?




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