59. Day to Night Outfit Transition

Last night I went to the Rent the Runway event at The W Hotel downtown with a bunch of my girl friends. We had a blast, but not because the event was great. Quite the opposite in fact, the event was definitely not what we were expecting and I don’t really understand how it related to the company at all. I’ll start with the good parts of the event then dissect down what could have been improved.

There was a fantastic photo booth that we obviously took advantage of, maybe a little too much. Photo booths are always fun and interactive for a party, so that was a definite plus. The great part about this one was that you could select which photos you wanted and email them to yourself and get print outs right away.

Another plus was the event location and decor. The W Hotel is absolutely gorgeous and this lighting was amazing. It was very chic and modern.

There was an open bar, which was obviously great. That was probably the smartest thing they did with this party, because I’m pretty sure that’s what kept people there for so long. The huge downside was there were hardly any passed appetizers. Usually at parties like this they are floating around everywhere, but I saw them twice within the 2 1/2 hour time frame that we were there.

There were dresses displayed as such with different neighborhoods above, which I really didn’t understand why or how they were categorized. Not to mention the selection of dresses they had was horrible. I’m a fan of Rent the Runway, they have great dresses to rent from fabulous designers, but I didn’t see anything that I was truly interested in. The set up made it really difficult to look at the pieces as well because it was very clustered. The dresses were not from designers that they generally boast about having on their website and weren’t very fashionable pieces. Definitely not applicable to the demographic that attended the party.

*A really cool aspect to having the dresses there was that they had iPads and laptops around so that you could actually look at the site and rent dresses with a 50% off discount code you got for attending. This was great, but should have been advertised more so people were aware.

I was expecting a full runway show, I mean that would only make sense with the name of the company. However, there was nothing like this. There were a few girls walking around in the dresses, but there was no indication that they were with the company or modeling the dresses they just looked like any other attendee. There was no announcement or talk about any of the dresses, the company or anything. The fashion director was supposedly in attendance, which would normally mean he would speak but didn’t even announce himself. It was just sort of odd to me that there wasn’t a focus on the real purpose of their company or any talk about the event. Altogether, there are many improvements that could have been made to this event. It was really just pointless, but needless to say since I was with my best girl friends we still had fun just being together.

Now that I’ve got that review out of the way I’ll get to the fun tips on transition outfits!

Day to Night Transition:

Since I stayed downtown after work until the event I had to make my dress office appropriate. Obviously with that crazy net back it’s definitely the most professional dress. Here’s some tips on making a cocktail dress work friendly with a transition to your event.

This dress is so gorgeous! The print is super fun and I love how bright it is. (Macy’s – Material Girl $14.99) Since the back is cut out, a sweater is a definite must for the office. (Target – Mossimo here for $19.99) Black opaque tights are also a really good addition since it helps to make up for the shorter length of the dress.

These black flats are perfect for the office because it definitely tones down the dress. (Kmart – Route 66 $5) It helps that they’re also super comfy so my feet wouldn’t be hurting by the time I went to the event.


Obviously adding in heels changes the dynamic of the outfit, a lot! This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to transition your day outfit to a night outfit.

These two tone black cut out heels were absolutely perfect. I love that these are different from a typical pair of black pumps and it matches the geometric feel of the dress. (Aldo – $100)

Another step in transitioning your outfit for night is to add really fun earrings, or any other accessory.

I got rid of the cardigan to show off this gorgeous back detailing. I love how different these details are, definitely not a typical lace covered back.

I kept my make up neutral during the day with no eye shadow, but for night I added in some gold and green eye shadow to match the dress and create a really fun smoky eye. Make up alters the look of your outfit a lot and can really add some fun for a night out.

I hope you guys enjoyed my day to night transition tips! Thanks for reading.



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