60. Lincoln Park After Dark + Casual Friday Oxfords

Last night I attended the Lincoln Park After Dark Fashion Show at Essentia on Halsted. It was put on by the Lincoln Park Merchants Association and I think they did a fabulous job. This was quite a turnaround from the poor experience I had on Wednesday at the Rent the Runway event. It was really cool to see all the local boutiques come together and showcase some great fashion.

The event took place at Essentia, which is a memory foam mattress store. I thought this was a really cool concept because people could lounge and enjoy the nice mattresses while having a really large open space for the runway. The only problem was rude people standing in front and blocking the view, but I guess at any large gathering you will have that.

There were definitely more people in attendance than they were expecting, because the drink line for the open bar filled the entire runway before the show. They did try to make up for it quickly by walking around with bottles of wine and pouring drinks instead, which I thought was a really good way to make up for the long line and act quick to keep everyone happy.

photo 4

The director speaking before starting the show.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the night:

photo 5This girl was seriously adorable and killed it on that runway. She worked the crowd blowing kisses and showing sass as she flawlessly pulled off her jacket down the runway. Future model in the making.

photo 6One of my favorite models from the night. She was so fierce and had the best shoes! (Strappy glittered ankle straps) Props to her for rocking a swimsuit in November and I absolutely loved the fur vest over top. (Londo Mondo)

photo 7I loved this oxblood red dress paired with the chunky gold necklace. Such a chic look for the holidays and totally on trend. My favorite part was the black wool jacket with removable faux fur neckline. I love this outfit for a hott date night!

gold dressThis gold dress was so gorgeous and loved the sheer overlay with a short dress underneath it is such a unique look. (Moi Boutique) This would be a great New Year’s Eve look for a fancy party or night on the town with your girls.

Overall I think the event was well put together and thought it was really cool that there was even an opportunity to buy the looks straight off the runway. Before the show we met a rep for a new app called Walk.By. (for iPhones only at this point) All the boutiques from the show, plus some other local favorites are on the app and you can follow the shops and buy product directly from there. It just launched last week and is pretty awesome. I think it will be a huge hit as it develops further.

We loved the event so much we had to go check out the boutiques right after. Luckily for our wallets though, only one of them was open.

Friday Outfit:

photo 3Super casual obviously since it’s Friday and wanted to be comfortable. I’m loving this color combo though!

a shoe a day - oxfordsThis is one of my favorite sweaters. The argyle pattern is such a classic and the texture of the sweater is insanely soft and comfy. (Gap – $49.95) I paired the soft colored sweater with my black skinnies. I love the color contrast between the two. (Marshall’sJessica Simpson $24.99)

photo 2I am pretty much in LOVE with these grey lace up oxfords. The color is perfect and oxfords are definitely a wardrobe must. They’re super on trend right now and will always be a classic style. (Gap – $5)

Speaking of how much I love Gap, obviously, have you guys seen their Baby Gap holiday billboards? Oh my gosh, they are so flipping adorable! You must check out this precious picture here.

photo 1With a classic outfit, classic accessories are key. I love this simple take on a pearl necklace with small beads and chain links between. This outfit is altogether feminine and the pearl necklace just pulls it together perfectly.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review and pictures from the fashion show! Tonight I’ll be going to check out one of my favorite holiday hot spots in Chicago – Christkindlmarket. I’ll be sure to take pictures to share with you guys.



3 thoughts on “60. Lincoln Park After Dark + Casual Friday Oxfords

  1. Thanks for posting! I missed this event:( i was not aware of it. Maybe ill attend next year’s! I love your outfit!

    • Aw thanks so much girl! Yes, you’ll definitely have to check it out next year the boutiques over on Halsted are so great. Love your blog it’s so cute and your style is fabulous!

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