61. Peplum & Leather

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Leather Skirt & Peplum top with Booties“You always dress so cute! What do you do?” I guess it’s a safe assumption, as a girl on my floor alluded to, that if someone dresses fashionably they must work in fashion. Although I aspire to some day, sadly that’s currently not the case. Every time someone asks me this question they’re usually disappointed with my answer of being on a buying team for a non-fashion company like Tuesday Morning. My stomach always drops when I get that sort of reaction, but I think that’s why my blog is so important to me. It’s my outlet for fashion that I don’t always get in my every day job. Hopefully one day it will be bigger than it is now and lead to something extraordinary, but for now I’m happy where I am at. I’m also glad that I make the most of my passions by doing so many fun fashion-related things in the city. I hope that you all day the same with your passions and dreams! Okay, enough of that little rant.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Peplum Top & Leather Skirt with Lace up BootiesI love the leather trend that is going on right now and this paneled leather and knit skirt is a perfect way to incorporate the style in to your wardrobe. Since it’s not all leather it’s something that I’ll be able to constantly wear even if the trend fades, as they usually do. (Macy’s – Pink Rose; similar here for $14.50) I try not to mix too many trends together, but I really like this knit belted peplum with the skirt. (Macy’s – INC International Concepts similar here for $38.99) As you can see it’s very similar to the Anthropologie peplum from my Current Fashion Cravings post, but much less expensive.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Paneled Leather SkirtHere’s a better look at the leather panel detail on my skirt. I love it! Since it’s a shorter skirt, I paired it with patterned black tights for work.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Black Lace up BootiesThese lace up booties are super cute. I like them as an alternative from my patent leather boots because they have a totally different style with the thick ribbon laces. (Boden)


Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Chevron EarringsI absolutely adore these multi color chevron earrings. They are so fun to match with plain colored tops. (Macy’s – Guess $5)

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Black Heart RingThis black heart shaped ring is really simple but fun to match the rest of my outfit. (Forever 21 – $3.80)

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