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86. Beck’s Sapphire Event

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire Event with my BffLast night, Erin and I attended the Beck’s Sapphire Event provided by Time Out Chicago.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire Event

At first, we were a bit confused as to where this would be located with the address appropriating the space from H&M all the way to TopShop. Although when we walked up it wasn’t hard to tell where we were supposed to be with these awesome graphics outside the redesigned space which used to be home to high-end designer powerhouse, Escada. The event looked super exclusive and posh from the outside with their velvet ropes and red carpet, which I loved.

Beck's Sapphire Event: Bottle StructureWhen you entered you were directed up the spiral staircase for coat check. It was great use of the second floor to separate the coat check from event space because it freed up a lot of room on the first floor to keep the flow of the room going. One of the focal points of the room, at least in my opinion, was this awesome abstract tower structure with a hanging Beck’s Sapphire.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire StructureThe illuminated towers hanging from above and resting on the ground pointed straight toward the focus of the event. I thought this was a really cool and creative way to showcase the beer without going too over the top or taking the easy way out by plastering the brand everywhere. The rest of the decor was simple, focusing on the brand’s core colors; red, black and white. I loved the red illumination of the entire room throughout the night.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire BarThere was a constant flow of drinks for everyone and there was never a line at the bar, which is amazing. I think they handled the flow of people really well and accommodated to how many people they were expecting, which isn’t always the easiest feat. After speaking with Trevor Mikus of Time Out I learned that they are doing an event every night this week, with different groups of people. I love the idea of marketing to different groups each time and holding these exclusive events to get the Beck’s Sapphire drink out there. Which did I mention? The beer was also pretty damn good. I’m not sure I’ve ever really even had a Beck’s beer in general, but the Sapphire has a really good and unique taste that’ll set it apart from other big brands in the market. Instead of going the norm and making a light beer as every other big name has been doing the past few years, they’re doing something completely different and focusing more on taste which is the most important factor in a good beer.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire Event catered by Gibson'sOk, let’s just talk about this food for a second. I’ve got one simple word to describe it, delicious. I was amazed at the quality of the food at the event as well as the abundance. The worst thing about free events is when there is hardly any food. This was not the case at all last night, there was a constant flow of amazing high quality foods catered by Gibson’s Steakhouse. Everything I ate was so good and there was a nice variety. Those servers definitely got a work out going up and down those spiral staircases to bring trays of food throughout the room.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire Event - FoodBut seriously, how huge are these shrimp?

Beck's Sapphire Event: Bacon Wrapped Scallops

*I apologize for the horrible quality of my picture

By far my favorite app of the night was the bacon wrapped scallops. Bacon on anything is amazing, but bacon on scallops is just to die for. It’s definitely a hard thing to do for a passed appetizer, but these were cooked perfectly and super tasty. In addition to the above apps, they also had skewers of vegetables, mini steak crostinis and a fish/sushi skewer. This was definitely the best food I’ve had at an event such as this, by far.

Beck's Sapphire Event: Making New FriendsThere’s always a very random mix of people at these type of events. I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out here, although there are always those randoms that make you wonder how in the world they found out and why they are there. Everyone we had the pleasure of meeting was super friendly and we made some new friends, Jeff and Matt. Erin and I had a blast networking and hanging out with everyone we met. As I mentioned, we also met Trevor from Time Out who was super nice. I thought it was really cool that he went around to find out how people heard about the event and got their thoughts on everything, little did he know (at first at least) that I’d be writing this piece.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Sapphire Celeb StatusHe was even so kind as to make sure we got our picture in front of the Beck’s Sapphire back drop. This would have been cool to have set up for pictures throughout the night, but with the space it was a bit more difficult to do so. We did shove our way through though, of course.

Beck's Sapphire Event: Having fun with my bffHaving a bit of fun with the photographer. I love background of this image with the lights. A photographer is always a must at events, it’s a really fun way to make your party-goers interactive. One thing I love that I see a lot now, is being able to upload your photos to your Facebook immediately with an iPad hooked up to the camera. Usually this is a stationary thing with a back drop, but props to last night’s photographer and his coordination going throughout the entire room taking pictures. I can’t wait to see some more of his shots from the night. Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Beck's Promotion GirlsI had to get a picture with this adorable Beck’s promotion girl. Their dresses were super classy and cute. I love that she paired hers with a black flower in her hair to match the lace on her dress.

My Outfit:

top: rose and cream striped peplum with lace applique open back (Macy’s – American Rag similar here for $17.99)

pants: black skinnies (Marshall’sJessica Simpson $24.99)

shoes: nude snakeskin pumps (Kohl’s – Jennifer Lopez)

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: love ringAccessories:

watch: gold DKNY watch (Nordstrom Rack – $75)

earrings: gold and pink leaf earrings (thrift store – $2)

ring: love script ring (Urban Outfitters – $5) – my latest ring obsession, love it!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the event, and will give the Beck’s Sapphire a taste!

Thanks for reading.

XO Victoria

Team Imerman Angels

P.S. I am now officially a member of Team Imerman Angels! I will be running my first race, the Shamrock Shuffle 8k on April 7th. Please visit my donation page, donate if you can or share with your friends and family to spread the word. I appreciate any support you can give in helping me to ensure no one faces cancer alone! I can’t wait for my first race with the team. If you would like any information about the organization and how you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you! (


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