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95. Book Club + Some Fashion

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Must Read Book List - MWF Seeking BFFSo as you guys may or may not remember, my latest read was MWF Seeking BFF. I just finished it at the beginning of this week, and overall I would definitely recommend it to any of my lady friends. If you are unfamiliar with the book it is about a New Yorker who moves to Chicago to be with her husband. She had plenty of friends in the city and her BFFs back home, but never had those really close best friends she could always turn to actually there in person. It was a very inspirational story that I’m sure many women can easily relate to. Even though I’ve lived in the city for almost five years now (yikes!) and I do have some of the best friends I could ask for, I am always interested in meeting new people and doing things independent of the group. I love Rachel’s story because I can so easily relate to her shy feelings about meeting new people and feeling a bit funny about the way she was meeting them. I’ve definitely felt that way before, but have become a lot more open to new experiences and more outgoing since moving to Chicago all alone. Throughout Rachel’s story I found that there are many of other women out there seeking friendships and new opportunities, everyone wants it but not everyone is as forthcoming about it. Rachel did everything from mutual friend set ups to online meet-ups to paying for a service to set up friend dates. I can’t say I would ever go to those extremes, but it was really interesting to see her journey as she dove in to every possible way of finding her new BFF. Now, I won’t ruin the end for you, but if you’re looking for an empowering book to read I’d definitely rent or buy this one next!

BTW – it took me forever to figure out what MWF stood for, for all you wondering it’s “Married White Female.” It finally dawned on me, but then took forever to get the thought of “Monday Wednesday Friday” out of my head.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Must Read Book - The Fault in Our StarsNext up on my reading list is The Fault in Our Stars. I’ve already started and cannot put it down! It’s about a 16-year old terminally ill cancer patient who finds new hope from a new friendship. Keep an eye out for my review to come on this one.

Wednesday Outfit:

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Striped Dress w/ Tights & BootsToday I wore a figure-flattering striped dress with ruching on the sides. The length on this is perfect and completely work appropriate. I love the fit and the color. (Kmart – Sophia Vergara Collection)

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Jessica Simpson Booties & TightsThese Jessica Simpson booties sure are coming in handy as of late. I love them with this outfit and they’re the perfect outdoor boot for this crummy weather to still look chic at work, although not the best in the slush. (Macy’s – Jessica Simpson $40)

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Winter SlushThis sloppy mess is no fun to walk around in.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Oversized OuterwearLuckily, I’ve got this awesomely oversized knit infinity scarf that my mom had made for me for Christmas. It is soooo warm, I cannot even express how much this has saved me in the past few weeks of cold weather in Chicago. Thanks, mom!

Stay warm everyone!

XO Victoria


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