100. Stitch

In honor of my 100th post today I am going to let you guys in on an awesome new shoe mobile app that hasn’t even launched yet. As you can imagine, I subscribe to just about every shoe email there is and it gets a bit overwhelming. Enter Stitch, with five hand selected shoes sent to your phone daily shopping becomes much easier and super fun.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Stitch iPhone App - 5 Shoes a Day

Each themed selection of shoes come from fashion blogger submissions. My shoe picks will be included in the launch of the app, so if you’d like to be in the know sign up here and receive a download for the app when it launches in a couple of weeks. I am super excited about the opportunity to be involved with this app! I think it is going to be pretty amazing and a really fun and easy way to shop for shoes. I will be personally involved in the final selection process and my own submissions as well. What better way to complement Victoria’s a Shoe a Day, than with five shoes a day on Stitch?

Outfit of the Day:

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Statement Necklace & MaxiI love this comfortable and chic outfit. The unique feathery statement necklace definitely amps up the look from an average neutral outfit.  It was a great find from the Randolph St. Vintage Market! ($30) Since the necklace is the focal point I paired my striped maxi with a solid black tank. (Urban Outfitters; WhiteHouse BlackMarket)

photo 2I probably wear these boots a little too often, but I love the brown and black look together. (Macy’s – Jessica Simpson $60)

I hope you guys sign up for Stitch! I will let you know when it launches, and maybe even give you some previews leading up to the big day. 😉

XO Victoria


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