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109. Take me Out: Founders Fired Up!

FOUNDERS_FIRED_UP_inviteLast night I attended the Founders Fired Up! event at John Barleycorn River North. At the event 12 local non-profit founders had the chance to speak about their respective organizations.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day - Take me Out: Founders Fired UpThe night was emceed by my all-time favorite non-profit founder, Jonny Imerman. I may be a bit biased on that, but he’s amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard him speak to a large crowd about why he started Imerman Angels, even though I’ve heard it a million times while working there, it was so inspiring to hear him speak.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day - Take me Out: Founders Fired Up!There was a huge turn out for the event, which was amazing. I love the support of the non-profit community in Chicago. I’m always pleasantly surprised with how involved everyone is in the industry. There were so many moving stories last night from each of the founders, most that almost brought me to tears. It was an awe-inspiring night and I’m so happy I attended.

Victoria's a Shoe a Day - Take me Out: Founders Fired Up!Another notable speaker of the night was Chicago Bears footballer, Israel Idonije speaking about the Israel Idonije Foundation. It was so cool to have him come out and hear how passionate he is about what he does. Side note – I walked passed him and could not believe how tall and muscular he was, I felt so puny.

The event was also put on very well. The coordination was great and seemed to go off without a hitch. The event space in the upstairs section of John Barleycorn was huge and it was nice to be separated from the bar below. I’m excited to see it set up for our Imerman Angels Blue & White Party next week!

Imerman Angels Blue & White Party

Buy tickets here.

Happy Friday ! What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? Hopefully the weather will be gorgeous enough to spend some time outside.

XO Victoria


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