Book Club

114. Book Club: Gone Girl

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Book Club - Gone GirlAfter waiting months to receive Gone Girl from the library, I finally got the chance to read it. The way the book was written was truly interesting and kept me wanting to read more. The chapters switched between the wife’s diary entries starting seven years previous and the husband speaking in the present. At one point these stories finally converge. I like this aspect of the writing because it pieced the story together in a different way than flat-out telling the reader what’s happening. You were forced to think about each different side and ponder how the diary entries lead up to the present times.

The biggest twist happens about halfway through the book, that I definitely was not expecting. I won’t put any spoilers in here, but if you’re struggling to get through the first half of the book I promise it’s worth it to make it to the end. The beginning of the story I started out thinking I knew exactly who the protagonist was, but by the end we find there was no protagonist all along. The story is tumultuous and thrillingly dark. As the pieces started to come together near the last half of the book I seriously couldn’t put it down without finding out what would happen next.

It may seem a cliché book to read, since everyone has been reading it, but I definitely recommend it. There’s a reason everyone has been so enthralled with it. If you’re looking for a thrilling and mysterious story of love, hate and revenge this is a good one for your next read.

Buy Gone Girl here.

If you’ve read the book, what are your thoughts? Would you recommend it to your friends?

For my next read:

Victoria's a Shoe a Day: Must Read Book - The Great GatsbyIn preparation for the movie release [May 10] my girl friends and I are reading The Great Gatsby for our book club. I’m seriously so excited for the movie to come out – anyone who knows me could probably already tell this. Re-reading the book definitely brings me back as it was always a favorite of mine. I am already loving the different perspective and appreciation I have for the book since the last time I read it.

cannot wait to see Leo DiCaprio as Gatsby and the music that’s been leaked from the soundtrack has been utterly amazing so far. To hear some of the music check out this article. I think my favorites so far are Beyonce’s collab with Andre 3000 and Sia‘s song.

What do you think about the upcoming movie?

XO Victoria


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