Beauty / Fashion

70. Merry Christmas!

This morning my mom, friend Melinda and I went to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at University Hospital. We serve breakfast and hand out presents to the families who are in the hospital with their sick children. There were so many cute presents donated from Melinda from BJ’s Wholesale Club and that my … Continue reading


61. Peplum & Leather

“You always dress so cute! What do you do?” I guess it’s a safe assumption, as a girl on my floor alluded to, that if someone dresses fashionably they must work in fashion. Although I aspire to some day, sadly that’s currently not the case. Every time someone asks me this question they’re usually disappointed with my answer … Continue reading


54. Chunky Floral Heels

Today has been one awful thing after another, but at least my outfit was fabulous while I was going through this miserable day. These chunky floral heels, to start off with are super cute and fun. I love the splash of bright pattern with the neutral colored polka dot pants. (Akira – $25) I love … Continue reading