63. Holiday Festivities

Tonight my roommates and I are having a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with our friends. As you can see, we LOVE decorations. Since it’s a holiday event with the girls I’m wearing an edgier outfit than I probably would for a family holiday. This sheer and ruffled blush blouse is so fun and feminine. … Continue reading


61. Peplum & Leather

“You always dress so cute! What do you do?” I guess it’s a safe assumption, as a girl on my floor alluded to, that if someone dresses fashionably they must work in fashion. Although I aspire to some day, sadly that’s currently not the case. Every time someone asks me this question they’re usually disappointed with my answer … Continue reading

Art / Fashion

50. Artsy Events

Last night, Melanie and I attended The Jose Cuervo Tradicional Mural Unveiling which was put together by the National Association of Latino Art & Culture. Let me just say, it was fantastic and very well put together. The drinks and food were great and the art was absolutely breathtaking. The event was at Gallery 1080 … Continue reading


44. Lazy Sweater Dress

The weather is starting to freeze over. I think fall is already leaving us, unfortunately. Therefore, out come the sweater dresses! This is one of my best sweater dresses. I love the way it hangs off the body and isn’t completely fitted because it makes it comfy like an oversized sweater. The cowl neck and knit … Continue reading